Bter, pronounce as Better, offers the possibility to easily manage your own websites. Thanks to its clear structure, this system is suitable for all users.

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What does Bter for you? Bter enables you to manage your own websites easily. Bter is built in modules, which means that without too much effort you can add a module such as a webshop to your website. You can choose our standardized modules, but we can also create a customised module for your organisation.

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With Bter, you are the expert! Don’t look any further for an expert to manage your professional website. With Bter, you can make your own adjustments to your website. Our support is daily available by phone to help you. Do you experience any problems?

Stichting Diabeter: Door VWS toegelaten als medische instelling zonder winstoogmerk, gevestigd te Rotterdam (kvk 24393895). Voor goed bestuur, goed toezicht en verantwoorde zorg zijn de richtlijnen van het rapport 'Health Care Governance' uitgangspunt.

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